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Thank You!!!!!!!!!

Several individuals have been instrumental in bringing the For Love OF Roses web site from the planning stage to reality. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the efforts, contributions and suggestions from my rose friends. Some how saying “Thank you” does not seem to justify my sincere appreciation for their efforts. I have not made any effort to single out certain individuals or differentiate the cumulative contributions of each but suffice to say that without the efforts of my rose friends, we would not have as many pictures as we currently have or be as far along as we are with the development of this web site. Over time pictures will be updated, added and/or deleted but, for now the contributions of Andrew Hearne, Neil Evans, Suzanne Horn, Sandy Lundberg, Tom Mayhew and Baldo Villegas must be publicly acknowledged. Thank you my rose friends!!!!!!!!!!!!

The other individual who deserves a very big Thank You many times over is Brenna Bosch; our Web Site Guru.


Spring Pruning Roses 101…..An Annual Ritual Announcements
Spring Pruning Roses 101…..An Annual Ritual