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Newly registered roses along with a few from a few years back from the hybridizing efforts of Richard Anthony, Bill Block, Bob Martin, Luis Desamero, Ray Guillebeau, Chris Greenwood, Don Johnson, Burling Leong, Don Myers, Vernon Rickard, Steve Singer, Glenn Smith, Jim Sproul, Whit Wells, Michael Williams and Fred Wright will be available beginning in January 2016 and continuing through September 2016. Pictures of the new additions will be added to the web site beginning in late January 2016 and continuing throughout the year as we continue to add new roses to our line. We anticipate having additional new introductions from other new hybridizers in mid to late 2016 and 2017 plus a few of our own also. Pictures will be posted on the website just prior to the roses becoming available.

Miniature: Brenna Bosch, Choby, Covington Ridge, Cream Sicle, Dr. Gary Rankin, Fazekas, Fiesta Star, Hello Gorgeous!, Houston Levee, Intimidator, Lady Love, Last Dance, Marita Lindner, Olivia Rose, Peppermint Kisses, Pumpkin Pie, Red Seduction, Star of Night, Striking, Sweet Mallie, Tattooed Daughter, The Mandrell Family, Wanderlust and others.

Miniflora: Abigail Elise, Alakazam, Allene Able, Caboose, Camden, Contrary Mary,  Crystal Palace, Evening Star, Family Holiday, Fred’s Showtime, Gift of Love, Glowing Sunset, Hello Sunshine!, Jolene Adams, Julie Hearne, Lunar Eclipse, Maroon Eight, Michael, Misdemeanor, Miss Mable, Miss Reed, Morning Star, Petite Princess, Princess Katelyn, Queen of Hope, Sandusky, Sandy’s Pick, Tammy Clemons, Wright Touch and a few others.

We are also expanding our novelty roses with a few new varieties including one of our own plus we are finally coming out with miniature and miniflora singles which will initially number around 30 different varieties including 3 of our new introductions. One will be named after our special friend Tom Mayhew and we will be introducing a couple from Bob Martin and a beauty from Burling Leong. We plan to increase our hybridizing of miniature and miniflora novelty stripped roses and singles in 2016 and beyond.

Naming Rights: We will soon publish pictures of unregistered seedlings that will be available for naming after a loved one or a special situation for a modest fee of $1,500 and up depending on the rose or roses.

Custom Grafting is something we are pleased to announce that we are now accepting orders for custom Grafting on fortuniana, Dr. Huey or multiflora with your wood or ours on a very limited basis. We have no intention of competing with our friends  John Smith or Steve Singer but, look to compliment the process when a variety is not available from other sources. This new program will coincide with our efforts to make mother plants for our own propagation purposes and will be on a custom one time only basis for select customers. If any of our friends offer the particular rose that you want we will not graft the rose for you. We trust you will appreciate our position regarding this. Call for specific details.

We are also going to start a Wish List later this year; if we don’t have the rose and you would like to have one, we will add your name to our Wish List and when we have 3 or more requests for that particular rose we will propagate the rose for you. We will also immediately propagate a rose for you on its own roots  for 25.00 plus shipping; assuming we have the rose in our 1,200+ rose exhibition garden or can obtain cuttings for you. Send us an email to info@forloveofroses.com or call us with your request.

We have an E-Newsletter that we will be pleased to send to you. Sign up by sending us your name and email address to info@forloveofroses.com.

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Thank You!!!!!!!!! For Love of Roses Quarterly
Thank You!!!!!!!!!
For Love of Roses Quarterly