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Our Story

During the early 1970’s, Verlie Whitson Wells, Jr., began hybridizing roses and was operating his modest rose business as Wells Mid-South Roses until the sale of assets to For Love of Roses, LLC occurred in early January 2013. Whit, as he was universally recognized, registered close to 100 roses and has several minifloras rated in the top 25 exhibition roses along with several more knocking on the door. Wells was at one time generally considered to be the Dean of Miniflora Hybridizers. Unfortunately, the octogenarian Wells has no plans to continue his award winning hybridizing efforts. The good news is that we have over 70 of Wells’ unregistered seedlings that we are evaluating for possible registration and introduction at a later date.

For Love Of Roses, LLC was formed in 2013 for the purpose of acquiring the assets of Wells Mid-South Roses. Richard J. Anthony is a national level exhibitor with 126 Queens of Show to his credit after 14 years of exhibiting roses. He has 5 National Queens, 12 District Queens and 6 National Challenge Class Trophies plus over 900 trophies as of the Fall 2015 rose show season. Unfortunately, Richard did not exhibit in 2016 due to illness and an on-going recuperation. He is planning to exhibit in 2017. Brenna Bosch, who had a rose design and installation business in NJ & PA joined the operation in late 2013 and serves as the technical Guru and operations head for the business. Her skills and expertise compliment those of Richard. Richard and Brenna plan to bring the best of the best miniature and miniflora roses to market. This includes Richards own rose hybridizing efforts as well as several new roses from other many other hybridizers. Several seedlings from 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 and a few from earlier years are under evaluation in Tennessee and other parts of the country. Richard and Brenna’s long term plans are to continue exhibiting, hybridizing, giving rose presentations and bringing great new roses to old friends and new. They will continue supporting the ARS by helping to bring in new rose society members and also donating roses to National and District rose conventions for both Naming Rights and Auction. In addition, they will continue to evaluate new roses from other hybridizers for possible inclusion into their inventory. Several such new additions are planned for 2017 and beyond. If you have a rose that is either a sport or hybridized by you, send us an email and we will be pleased to evaluate your rose for possible inclusion into our inventory. Refer to our Post Page and our Facebook page for a list of roses that will be introduced in 2017 and after as we continue to expand our rose inventory with new roses for your garden and exhibition needs.

Our Roses

Miniature, Miniflora, Singles and Novelty striped roses will be offered via e-commerce with greenhouse sales by appointment only. We intend to be a one stop shopping experience for exhibition, garden, novelty, single, and striped roses. We feature the highest quality roses available today from 25 different hybridizers and shipped to you via either USPS priority mail or UPS with the root-ball wrapped in commercial grade plastic wrap; potted roses can be shipped at an additional cost. Miniflora roses are grown for 4 to 6 months or longer from time of rooting in  5.5″ square one gallon containers with miniature roses being grown for the same length of time in 5″ round containers. Special request budding and grafting is available on a limited basis with a 9 to 12 month waiting period. We are also offering Naming Rights for your friends and loved ones beginning at a modest fee of $2,500 and upwards depending on the exhibition and/or novelty quality of the rose; fragrance may add to the price. Contact us Monday through Saturday at (330) 360 – 8510 from 9:00 AM until 8:00 PM  Central Time to discuss your interest in having a rose named after a relative or loved one. While we intend to specialize in miniature and miniflora own root roses, we do have a limited number of Wells’ Hybrid Tea, Floribunda and Shrub roses that are available. We have published a list of limited quantity roses that may be purchased from us or we can start a plant for you either budded or grafted with a 6 to 9 month lead time. If you are searching for a miniature or miniflora exhibition variety that we do not list as available, please ask us as we may very well have it or know where you might be able to obtain it.

Our expertise

Only the very best quality exhibition and garden roses available today will be part of our rose product line. We intend to incorporate high disease resistance  into our hybridization program in order to assure the purchaser is getting the best exhibition and/or garden rose and the most highly disease resistant roses that are available today and for many years to come. Fragrance is also an attribute that we are trying hard to incorporate in our hybridization program. We have several unregistered singles with fragrance. All new roses will undergo a stringent test program to insure all roses offered for sale by For Love of Roses, LLC meet our expectations for exhibition, novelty and/or  garden quality combined with high disease resistance. National level exhibitors from AL, CA, FL, PA, NC, SC, TX, WA and WV will be growing and evaluating select test roses. Refer to Horizon Roses each Fall for their unbiased opinions regarding these potential exhibition and garden winners.

Our Mission

Wells Mid-South Roses had long been recognized for high quality exhibition miniature and miniflora roses. Our mission at For Love Of Roses, LLC  is to provide the highest quality exhibition and garden rose available today to all rose growers throughout the continental United States. The best quality rose at a reasonable price is our objective. We intend to be the Best of the Best as it relates to own root, budded and grafted miniature and miniflora roses as we continue our unique One Stop shopping format.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee to provide you with a healthy disease free 4 month or older own root plant grown in a 5.5” square container or 5″round container. If handled properly and grown correctly, your plant should provide you with many years of pleasure. We do not make a guarantee that your plant is going to thrive if you neglect your plant by shocking it or failing to water it or over watering it. If you follow our detailed planting instructions that are included with each order, your plant should grow into a mature specimen in a few years and provide you with a very long time of enjoyment.