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News About For Love Of Roses LLC

Hybridizing………….From an Exhibitor’s Perspective

Hybridizing – From an Exhibitor’s Perspective        By: Richard J Anthony

A friend of mine recently made a comment that over half of the roses in his exhibition Rose Garden would succumb to Black Spot if not sprayed with regularity. I had to agree with him as the South and Mid-South, in my opinion, is the […]

FLOR New Introductions for 2015

Please note that we have made all of the new introductions available to order on our web site. This was done in response to the over whelming requests of our customers who wanted to pre-pay for orders thus insuring the availability of a particular rose. Click on the picture of the rose in question for […]

Thank You

We have added photos of several roses that will soon become available and wish to thank our friends for their kindness and generosity in sharing. Thank You

Andrew Hearne, Bill Kozemchak, Bob Martin, Brenna Bosch, Carol Shockley, Dona Martin, Peter Alonso, Sandy Lundberg, Jolene Adams and Tom Mayhew all provided photos that we have used […]

For Love of Roses Quarterly

This past January 2015 we published our first quarterly E-Newsletter. Readers have been extremely positive with their comments. Send us an email with your name and email address to info@forloveofroses.com and we will send you our E-Newsletter which was named For Love of Roses Quarterly. Each issue is packed full of rose information intended to […]


Newly registered roses along with a few from a few years back from the hybridizing efforts of Richard Anthony, Bill Block, Bob Martin, Luis Desamero, Ray Guillebeau, Chris Greenwood, Don Johnson, Burling Leong, Don Myers, Vernon Rickard, Steve Singer, Glenn Smith, Jim Sproul, Whit Wells, Michael Williams and Fred Wright will be available beginning in […]