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Miniature, Miniflora, Singles and Novelty striped roses are offered via e-commerce with no greenhouse sales at the present time. We are the premier e-commerce rose nursery in the US and are noted for one-stop shopping for an exhibition, garden, novelty, single, and striped roses. Our current collection of Singles totals over 50 different varieties and our increasing numbers of striped roses will soon approach 50 varieties in the next few years. We have recently added all classes of roses and rose-related products to our growing inventory. We anticipate it will take about three years to maintain 50 different varieties of each class of roses. We feature the highest quality roses available today from 25 different hybridizers and we ship them to you either via USPS priority mail or UPS with the root ball wrapped in a commercial grade plastic wrap; potted roses can be shipped at an additional cost. Continue Reading

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