Our Story

For Love of Roses, LLC was incorporated in 2013 for the purpose of acquiring the roses and rose related assets of Wells Mid-South Roses. Since early 2013, Miniature and Miniflora roses from over 35 different hybridizers have been added to our growing inventory which now totals 300 plus different varieties. We have recently (07/17) added a limited selection of roses from all rose classifications some of which will be available this coming Fall or later during 2019. It is our intent to have the top 25 Exhibition and Garden roses from each rose classification. We anticipate achieving this objective before the end of 2021.

Richard J Anthony, is the founder and managing principal of For Love of Roses LLC. He is a National level exhibitor with 128 Queens of Show to his credit after 14 years of exhibiting roses. He has accumulated 5 National Queens, 13 District Queens and 7 National Challenge Class Trophies plus over 900 trophies exhibiting his roses. He is also a 4 term member of the ARS Miniature & Miniflora Committee, a member of the ARS Exhibitors Committee. Richard is also an accredited ARS Horticultural Rose Judge and a ARS Master Consulting Rosarian. He is also a hybridizer with 25 roses that have been registered to date with several more that will soon be registered.

Richard and his team plan to bring the Best of the Best Miniature and Miniflora roses to market and beginning in the early 2020 select Floribunda, Hybrid Tea, OGR, Polyantha and Shrub roses. This includes Richard’s own rose hybridizing efforts as well as several new roses from many other hybridizers. Numerous seedlings from 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and a few from earlier years are under evaluation in Tennessee and other parts of the country. Richard’s long term plans are to continue exhibiting, hybridizing, giving rose presentations at National and District Conventions and Rose Shows and bringing great new roses to old friends and new. FLOR will continue to support the ARS by helping to bring in new rose society members and also by donating roses to National and District rose conventions for both Naming Rights and Silent Auction.

In addition, FLOR will continue to evaluate new roses from other hybridizers for possible inclusion into the fast growing For Love of Roses inventory. Several such new additions are planned for late 2018 and beyond. If you have a rose that is either a sport or was hybridized by you, send us an email with pictures attached and we will be pleased to discuss your rose for possible evaluation and potential inclusion into our growing inventory. Refer to our Post Page and our Facebook Page for a list of roses that will be introduced in 2018 and after as we continue to expand our rose inventory with new roses for your garden, cut flower and exhibition needs.

We have in excess of 250 Exhibition, Cut Flower and Striped Rose seedlings from Dave Bang, 25 Frank Benardella seedlings, another 75 Wells Exhibition rose seedling plus over 50 Exhibition and Singles rose seedlings from Richard J Anthony along with a few other seedlings from amateur hybridizers that we are currently evaluating for possible inclusion into our growing inventory. Some of these seedlings (Anthony & Bang) are available for naming after a cause or a loved one. Refer to our Seedlings category to learn how easy it is for you to name a rose after a cause, friend or loved one. Naming Rights prices begin a $2,500.00 and are capped at $10,000.00 for large roses with fragrance.

Our Roses

While we initially specialized in E-Commerce sales of Miniature and  Miniflora roses including Singles and Striped roses, we will soon be offering roses from all Classifications via E-Commerce. Greenhouse sales are in the works for some time down the road. We are considering having bus load tours that will include lunch, a short presentation and other amenities two or three times a year. We anticipate future greenhouse bus tours and sales will be by arranged appointment only and limited to the months of May, June, September and October each year once implemented.

Our intent is to be the absolute Best Specialty Rose Nursery in the US and to offer to our valued customers a One Stop Shopping experience for cut flower, exhibition, garden, novelty, single, and striped roses plus rose related products. We feature the highest quality Miniature & Miniflora roses available today  and we ship the roses to you via USPS priority mail or UPS with the root-ball wrapped in commercial grade plastic wrap; potted roses can be shipped at an additional cost. Beginning in late Fall of 2018, we will offer select Miniature and Miniflora roses that are grown for 6 to 9 months or longer in one gallon rigid plastic containers prior to being shipped to you. We will also have limited varieties of all classifications of roses late this year with plans to add several new varieties beginning in 2018 and continuing until we have the top 25 varieties in all Rose Classifications.

Beginning around mid year 2020 we will offer the top ten to fifteen as well as select new introduction Miniature and Miniflora varieties that are either budded on to Multiflora rootstock or grafted on to Fortuniana rootstock. Special request budding and grafting will be available on a limited basis with a 9 to 12 month lead time beginning in the Fall of 2018 for delivery the following year.

Refer to our Seedling page for information on Naming a Rose after a cause, your Friends or Loved Ones and call us (330 360 8510) regarding your interest. We will provide you with digital images of seedlings after discussing your preferences. There is no better way to cause someone to smile than naming a rose after them.

Contact us with your rose questions Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM CT and Saturday from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM CT at (330) 360-8510. If you are searching for a Miniature or Miniflora exhibition variety that we do not list as being available, please ask us as we may already have it and be able to root one for you or know where you might be able to obtain the variety from other sources.

Our expertise

Only the very best quality exhibition, cut flower and garden roses available today are part of our rose product line. We have incorporated high disease resistance into our hybridization program in order to insure the purchaser is getting the best exhibition and/or garden rose and the most highly disease resistant roses that are available today and for many years to come. Fragrance is also an attribute that we are trying hard to incorporate in our hybridization program. We have several unregistered exhibition seedlings including Striped roses and Singles that have FRAGRANCE; a few of which are available as part of our naming rights program.

All new roses  undergo a stringent test program to insure that all roses that are offered for sale by For Love of Roses, LLC meet our expectations for cut flower, exhibition, novelty and/or  garden quality combined with high disease resistance. National level exhibitors from AL, CA, IN, PA, NC, TX, WA and WV are growing and evaluating select test roses. Refer to Horizon Roses each Fall for their unbiased opinions regarding these potential exhibition and garden winners.

Our Mission

Our mission at For Love Of Roses is to provide to you, our valued customers, the highest quality exhibition, cut flower and garden rose available today at a fair price. We intend to be the Best of the Best at providing own root, budded and grafted roses today, tomorrow and in the future. Our objective is to expand our unique one of a kind One Stop Shopping format for the benefit of our customers.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee to provide you with a correctly named, healthy  disease free 4 month or older own root plant that is grown in a 5″ round or a 5 1/2″ square container. Own root roses that are grown in one gallon containers will be 6 to 9 months beyond rooting or older. Budded and Grafted roses are grown for 9 or more months in one and two gallon containers. Our roses, if handled properly and grown correctly,  should provide you with many years of pleasure. We do not make a guarantee that your plant is going to thrive if you treat it poorly by shocking it when planting in bright sunlight the day received  or neglecting it by failing to water it or over watering it. Healthy roses that are given careful winter protection typically survive the worst of seasonal conditions. If you follow our detailed planting instructions that are included with each rose order, your plant should grow into a mature specimen in a few years and provide you with many years of enjoyment.