Our Guarantee & Shipping

We guarantee to provide you with a healthy disease free 4 month or older own root plant grown in a 5.5” square container or 5″round container. One gallon potted plants are grown for 9 months or longer. If handled properly and grown correctly, your plant should provide you with many years of pleasure. We do not make a guarantee that your plant is going to thrive if you neglect your plant by shocking it or failing to water it or over watering it. If you follow our detailed planting instructions that are included with each order, your plant should grow into a mature specimen in a few years and provide you with a very long time of enjoyment.

We ship 12 months out of the year but suspend shipping when the temperature in Brighton, TN rises above 90 degrees Fahrenheit or fall below 32 degrees.  We also pay attention to the temperature where the shipment is headed. We do not ship on Friday or on Saturday if the following Monday is a holiday.