Limited Quantity

All Limited Quantity Roses Must Be Started From Cuttings except those varieties with an asterisk* after the variety name which may be available immediately.

16.50 each for Miniature & Miniflora roses plus 14.00 shipping/handling each 5 roses

20.00 each for Hybrid Tea, Floribunda & Shrub Roses  plus 14.00 shipping/handling each 5 roses on own root and 25.00 each budded/grafted on Multiflora or Fortuniana rootstock. Add 5.00 for Limited Quantity striped roses.

Can not be ordered from web site

Call (330) 360 – 8510 or email


Freckle Face* (pb Wells 2003) Novelty rose with stripes.

Jennie Anne* (rb King 1986)  Fantastic yellow with red edges that will make for a superb open bloom

Miss Pearl (lp Hooper 1991)  Classified as light pink but in reality has a pink blush in the center as it begins to unfurl

Tulsa Town (ob Wells 2003)


Behind Closed Doors* (pb Wells 2011)

Springs A Comin’* (pb Wells 2002)

Summer Night (yb Wells 2004)

Tennessee Sunrise* (ob Wells 2002)

Tennessee Sunset* ( (yb Wells 2003)


DeFord Bailey (mr Wells 2008)

Emily Nicole (pb Anthony 2009)

Festival Fanfare*  (pb Ogilvie 1982)  Novelty OB rose with stripes

Great Speckled Bird* (pb Wells 2012)  Novelty rose with stripes

Monet* (yb Anthony 2013) Novelty rose with stripes.

Peppermint Candy* (pb Anthony 2013)  Novelty rose with stripes

Taboo (ob Wells 2009)

Tom Brown (r LeGrice 1964)

Hybrid Tea

Abracadabra* (rb Kordes 2002)

Big Apricot (ab Wells 2006)

Bosom Buddy (or Wells 1992)

Brandon’s Dream (pb Wells 2003)

Brenna’s Mauve (m Wells 2007)

Dr Monica Valentovic* (ob Anthony 2013)

Ghost Rider (m Wells 2013)

Ground Zero (pb Wells 2003)

Mills Magic (mp Wells 2012)

Miss Prissy (w Wells 1995)

My Wife Kathryn (ob Wells 2005)

Nine – Eleven (mr Wells 2002)

Peachy Pink (pb Wells 2006)

Red Headed Stranger (mr Wells 2011)

Roger Miller (dr Wells 2012)

Uncle Joe (dr Kern 1972)

White Ivory (w Wells 2003)


Princess Dawn (m Wells 2009)


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