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(m Anthony 2014)

‘Brenna Bosch’ is a full size light mauve miniflora rose with 24 to 26 petals. It will exhibit well as it has the potential to be queen of show and should also work well in miniflora collections as the color will not clash as some mauve roses do. Disease resistance is very good and exceptional with a regular spray program which will all but insure perfect foliage all of the time. An added bonus is the wonderful fragrance this rose emits. Shade protect the bloom for a violet color or have the blooms bask in the  direct sunlight in order to bring out the red petal edge that many mauve roses are noted for. Sprays of 4 to 6 blooms will happen if finger pruning is not practiced.

The real Brenna Bosch is an integral part of the For Love of Roses team.




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