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(ab Rickard 2004)

One of the most beautiful colored roses there is and hybridized by our late friend Vernon Rickard. Many are ambivalent about the coloration; they either love it or hate it, but for the exhibitor it is close to a 100% rose as almost all blooms have perfect exhibition form combined with very good size and tight centers. If it has a drawback it is that often the centers are somewhat sunken and it does blow within a half a day once it reaches perfect exhibition form. You must spray this rose to keep mildew and black spot at bay, but it is more than worth the effort especially when visitors notice the unusual coloration of the rose in your garden. This rose has won Queens across the country and is often found in National Challenge Classes also.

The ARS Classification Committee ignored the recommendation of the ARS Miniature & Miniflora Committee and re-classed this rose to a miniflora even though the hybridizer had registered it as a Miniature rose.


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