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(ob Anthony 2013)

Named after a gentleman, scholar, birder and good friend, this miniature rose is as close to perfect as you are going to find in a miniature rose; it has close to 2″ miniature size, good form, brilliant bright orange coloration along with drilled centers. It will definitely win Queen of show and also work well in National Challenge Classes. In order to attain its most perfect show form it must open on the bush but, fear not as it will last a long time after being cut. Another major benefit is that the rose is very close to being impervious to disease so grow several and let your neighbors enjoy them as well as it is a beacon in the garden. Spray it with your other roses and never experience even the slightest hint of any fungal disease. Feed it two or three times a year with organic fertilizer for best results. Feed it frequently and it will not perform as an exhibition rose.



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