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(pb Benardella 2012)

Named after the one of the top rose exhibitors of all time, this stunning miniature rose has everything you are looking for in an exhibition rose; size, form, substance and tight centers. This light pink jewel of a rose grows flowers approximately 1 1/2″ to 2″ in size and has a very strong pleasant fragrance. Dr. Cairns hand picked this rose from Frank Benardella’s unnamed seedlings and describes it with pride as a much improved Jilly Jewel. It shares Jilly Jewels floriferousness and is expected to win its share of queens and also work very well in Miniature National Challenge Classes. It will be first rate in the garden with many stopping to enjoy its wonderful scent. Absolutely no disease has been evident with an ongoing spray program. We are growing them in 5″ containers and have shipped several hundred of these beauties so order one or several and enjoy the fragrance along with the perfectly formed exhibition blooms.

Fragrance – Very Strong


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