Glowing Amber

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(rb Mander 1996)

Stunning stop in your tracks coloration captured on exhibition blooms that are red with a yellow reverse. The blooms are large with great form and very tight centers and if you fancy quilled petals you are really going to fall in love with this rose. It will win Queen of show and when properly matched work well in Miniature National Challenge Class entries. It is an absolute beacon in the garden as the red and yellow coloration beg visitors to stop and smell the roses. The rose is also highly disease resistant.



1 review for Glowing Amber

  1. Ken Wilkinson

    A “stop in your tracks” beauty in the garden. Bush grows upward but fills out nice. Foliage is nice but watch out for the thorns. Been on the court many times with it. Judges have a hard time saying no to this beauty. Makes a fantastic bouquet in the house.

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