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(pb Clemons 2007) AOE

Without question the most attractive miniature rose available today. It has it all and then some; stop in your tracks pink coloration, perfect hybrid tea exhibition form and it will seemingly last forever either on the bush or as a cut flower. It is now rated as the number one miniature exhibition rose and is an exceptional garden rose as well. Initially, lack of distribution and some difficulty in propagation had slowed this outstanding rose on its way to the top, but rest assured it is there and we anticipate that it will stay at the top for many years to come. It performs equally well on own roots, budded or grafted and throws winning sprays that often win Best of Show. This is a rose that every rose grower should treasure.




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  1. Ken Wilkinson

    One of the finest, if not THE finest mini that you can have in you’re garden. Wins all the time at shows and is a great garden rose. A must have for anyone who grows mini’s.

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