Pink Flamenco

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(dp Benardella 2011)  AOE

One of the many seedlings sent to Greenheart for evaluation by June Benardella after Frank’s unfortunate passing. The rose is listed as a dark pink but in actuality is a bright reddish pink color. It glows in the garden as a result of a strong reddish pink coloration. We grew this rose in Ohio in 2012 and are convinced that what we grew and gave a very poor evaluation in Horizon Roses and what we are currently growing in the greenhouse are two completely different roses. What we had in Ohio was not worthy of exhibiting and what we have in Tennessee will exhibit and makes for a great garden rose as it seems to be completely disease resistant as can be possible with a weekly spray program. ‘Pink Flamenco’ throws fantastic sprays and if you dis-bud this rose you will find a potential queen candidate.


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