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(yb Wells 2010)

Classified as a yellow blend but in the garden this beautiful miniature novelty rose is colored light beige to light yellow with red stripes throughout the petals which makes a stunning display. The color is phototrophic from the time it first unfurls until it becomes an open bloom. it will change from beige/light yellow to white and the red will turn pink. The Streak has close to perfect exhibition form but, unfortunately that lasts for only a brief time…….two to four hours or so in 80+ degree heat.  It will always challenge  for best open bloom and is a sight to behold in the garden when you have several different colored roses on the same bush due to being highly phototropic. Several open blooms on the same plant at the same time make for a unique picture. Disease resistance is very good to excellent and a regular spray program will all but insure disease free plants all year long.


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